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Webster defines the word Adage as an old familiar saying, such as a proverb. With that in mind, I have written several short stories based on the premise of an Adage.  The first offering is titled:The Rose-Coloured Glasses.  The story takes place in the early nineteen hundreds in England.
The characters are: Hubert Honeywell, the giver of the glasses.  Isabelle Pennyworth, a gloomy old maid, Professor Clarence Dolittle, a do-little of a man and Drucilla Darrumple, a bitter old Dowager. The transformation slowly unfolds as the glasses do their magic. Enjoy!

The Rose-Coloured Glasses



It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. It much depended upon whether the water glass beside your bed was half empty or half full - or if your window was viewed through rose-coloured glasses.

A bemoaning of the times enfolds in the mundane gauze of England. The gray mist hovers over the moors of broom and heather. And the moody fog, so lazily sleeping-in, prefaces England like a Dickens' prologue. 

Nevertheless, a gloomy beginning need not end in a dire note when a romantic getaway lies in waiting......................................
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