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The Writer's Voice


Within a writer's mind,  be it novice or well-seasoned, the voice gently beckons one to jot it down quickly before the inspirational thought drifts into oblivion.
And so it is the same with this writer  who has chosen to let her voice drift into space before the written words become no more than pieces of paper tucked away for another day.

I began writing in my youth, mostly of nature.  In the later years, I wrote whatever tickled my fancy.  Memoirs, Poetry, Prose, Short Stories, Inspirational pieces, Children's Literature and so forth.
Now, in my twilight years, I go from pen to key board, letting my voice be heard in Cyber Space. What a marvelous thing to know your silent voice of words can reach so many far away places.
I hold a certificate  from The Institute of Children's Literature.
 I have been published in 'The Richmond Magazine,' 'Richmond Times Dispatch,'  and 'The Family Porch Magazine.'  I am editor of  'The Scroll,' a Church Publication. I have also attended various Writers' Conferences.
Welcome to this corner of my life.    February 2010

All work is the ownership of the author, Sandra Cheatham Nelson. May be used by permission. 

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